Did you already visit Indonesia for Diving? Has you already been to this place?
  • Lembeh straits
  • Raja Ampat
  • Sangalaki
  • Selayar
  • Wakatobi
If you didn’t, its better for you to keep your money and go there! You know, this five places are the awesome place for diving.
Lembeh strait.
This place is full of diversity of invertebrates, especially from echinoderms group. With over 180 species of fish already listed in just one small area in the bay, this is the world’s finest diving destination for anyone with a serious interest in marine creatures, and already attracts marine biologists, photographers and authors. The uniqueness and beauty, colorful flora and fauna, as well as charm, will surely make you fall in love with the Lembeh Strait. The uniqueness : Colorfull nudibranchs.
Raja Ampat
 Raja Ampat, believe me, once you are here, you will never forget its beauty. Raja Ampat Islands are in the triangle coral reefs of the world, so not surprisingly, this region is rich with coral reefs and fish species are unique and rare. Hundreds species of coral reef, seven species of which are new findings to science, and has never been found in other areas.
This islands, is a attractive dive destination as it is known for the large manta rays. The Manta’s are often seen at the surface waterline, and even when snorkeling the Manta’s can be easy seen. They  come here to feed their plankton. Sangalaki and it’s surrounding reefs are protected as an Indonesian Marine Park.
 Selayar District itself has a coral reef with an area of about 1 million hectares or 50% of the total area Selayar District. Many divers say the diving environment is more beautiful than Bunaken National Park in Northern Sulawesi. Selayar on the other hand is a gem of unspoilt beauty, pristine nature and clear waters; a secret find on planet earth.


This national park has 25 pieces of coral reef,  more than 112 coral species from 13 families. In addition to diving and snorkeling, you can also enjoy the attractions of dolphins. An expanse of deep blue sea. White sands. Crystal clear water. Pristine coral reefs. Stunning underwater scenery. These are the images that define the richness and the beauty of the Wakatobi Islands in Southeast Sulawesi, which have become a new paradise for sea lovers and divers.

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