Lombok is a major producer of Indonesian high quality lobster. Lobster bred could be found in Teluk Ekas and Teluk Bumbang. Lombok Lobster has been exported to foreign country

International Lobster Aquaculture Symposium and Industrial Lobster Workshop, Wednesday (22 April 2014) attended by researchers and scientists lobster from Australia, Vietnam, and New Caledonia.

In recent day, Indonesia are still conducting research potential use of eggs and larvae of the natural lobster in Teluk Ekas and Teluk Bumbang. There are 32 stations , each of which is 100 meters for lobster seed sampling site. “It’s been running for seven months and the analysis carried out in Jakarta, “said Tasrif Tempo, the Coordinator for Indonesia World Concervation Society (WCS).

Tasrif also mention that in Gerupuk Coast, Central Lombok, there are many lobster bred owned by the fisherme. In a month,a fisherman could get 10-50 lobsters with @$1-2 dollar.

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