East Lombok will have a fantastic tourism place with pink coloured beach in Tanjung Ringgit. The coral reefs in this place still intact and untouchable. Ther are even a place from World War II ship wreck.
Sweden Investors, John Higson with his company, Eco Solution (ESL) will soon build international village with green concept on area of 330 hectare. It costs 5 Trillion Rupiah. “We’re only going to build 10 percent of the land for the use of environmental services,” said ESL Commissioner, I Gusti Putu ESL Ekadanta.
Ekadanta said ESL will build environmentally friendly hotel in Tanjung Ringgit Forest. There will be an international settlement inhabited by Sweden, Japan, UK, Singapore, and New Zealand.
ESL also gain the trust from local government to manage the tourist area of ​​the island of Gili Baluk or eight around Poto Tano, Sumbawa West. “Alternative investments that we prepared using the concept of eco-tourism,” said Ekadana adding that ESL has prepared 10 billion rupiah.



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