Mount Rinjani in Lombok, is one of the favorite mountain for climber. It is hard to climb, however, all the tiredness will be paid off with spectacular scene.

SMount Rinjani located on the island of Lombok and has a height of 3,726 meters above sea level, Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

A lot of traveler already give testimonial about the beauty of this mountain. In my travel this time, I start my trip from Mataram to Sembalun village, I arrived there at 11 noon. After a re-check of equipment and licensing, I decided to leave at 12 noon.

When the sun is directly overhead, I began to climb. Only in first kilometer, I already feel exhausted. The weather was very hot, I often rested for cool heads and sighed.

Real beauty appears when we have just passed through the forest vegetation with enough shady trees. When I came out of that area, I saw the stunning expanse of savannah eyes, that is beautiful.

The combination of colors sky blue, yellow-green combined with reeds which extend wide in front of the eye. Footpaths seen snaking up and down.



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