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Adelle Hello Song Fans Discussion (youtube).  it is us that chose whether they are famous or not if we as a world decided that they are not talented and worthy of our praise they will not become famous or their 5minutes will be 5 seconds but it is up to neither of us to decide who is more talented than another, it is `our` opinion and as such jelly is entitled to her praise and no derision.

how is someone that has talent in THIS FIELD of music ,of public showmanship , being exploited , their whole life is to make music and videos for us the public to enjoy , yes there are people as talented but in their own fields they are famous , dont call people ignorant because you disagree with their opinion because that makes you ignorant.

Adelle Hello Song Fans Discussion (youtube). So, to me there’s different types of beauty. There’s gorgeous like Mila Kunis, sexy like Sofia Vergara, cute like Reese Witherspoon, Spunky like Miley Cyrus, etc etc. Now, some of these types don’t work for everyone. Eg; Miley Cyrus is not the kind of woman I find good looking but she is in her own way to others. But by god, if you don’t recognise that Adele has that classic, old timey type of beauty than you’ve got to be crazy. She’s like a 40’s movie star. So beautiful.

I love your comment :3 I remember when Adele first came on the scene. I remember listing to “rolling in the deep” on a burnt cd and thought how powerful and soulful her voice was. It reminded me old school crooners. I loved it so much. Then I saw in Facebook statuses that she was only getting praise for being “fat”. I praised her for her talent and that should be the main thing. Seemed people were more concerned by her weight rather than her beautiful voice and artistry. It was heartbreaking to me that someone could be belittled so badly after all the hard work she’s done to be where she is.

Thumbs up if you think Goodbye Taylor Swift welcome back Adele <3 SIA made 10K accounts so as to dislike it lol Taylor used (AUTHENTIC HITS dot COM) to get 1 billion views.

Adelle Hello Song Fans Discussion (youtube). Dear 17,200 people who disliked this: I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what is going on in your head. If you are looking for bad music, I can tell you that you came to the wrong place. But what I do have is a thumb, a very particular thumb, thumbs I have acquired over a very long life since birth. thumbs that I will shove down your throat till you like this music. If you like this video now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

It’s not really that amazing why does everyone act like they’ve heard an angel sing although I won’t dislike it I really don’t think it’s the best song ever and I think it will probably just die off anyway it’s kind of annoying and repetitive and not lyrically good I don’t really think much thought was put into this song and I also think Adele is not as good as a lot of other Artists out there.

I don’t dislike Adele. Her voice just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry. That said, this is the first Adele song that I’ve liked. I’m not saying her vocals are bad, I’m saying I don’t like her vocal style (and I like quite a few quality female vocalists like Katie Melua, Norah Jones, Dinah Washington, Mary Black, Jheena Lodwick).

Hello, it’s me !!! Adele has come back to deliver us from TAYLOR SWIFT!!. No global promotion. No silly stage scraps. No Twitter fights. No dancing in her underwear. The beauty of Adele’s voice is what makes her who she is. Adele is real and her voice is magic.

Are some of you crazy? Why always mention Taylor Swift in MV of Adele? Can you guys just enjoy the music and forget all the shit things? Why so shallow? Ugh, I feel sick reading so many comments saying such terrible things about Taylor Swift. Adele and Taylor has totally different ways in the music industry so STOP comparing them you idiots! (sorry for my bad English, it’s my second language) Anw, your song is amazing as always, Adele <3

Adelle Hello Song Fans Discussion (youtube). This song made me cry now, not because the rhythm is sad, but make’s me remember and feel a lot o thinks that i forget… We love you Adele! Didn’t stop if you are sad, but make your problems your victory!.

his voice and one of the best I ‘ve heard this from my congratulations singers Adele planet for talent continues size so like to see you singing along to it one of the Women with a stronger voice in the world of Sia Furler music.

I believe that they can find more attractive guy.. dont care if balck or asian or white.. but at least someone who better for adele’s mv.. btw, congratz adele this single is such a big hit in the world now! Greeting from Malaysia 🙂

Adele is gorgeous and the song it very beautiful. I hope she has some great songs that don’t all sound like this and every other hit song she’s had on her upcoming album.

Oh my god, what another depressing, boring song from the most boring singer in the world! Get a life and sing a happy song.

Using Tristin in this video. . . SUCH AN INCREDIBLY SMART CHOICE! Just the perfect amount of warmth.

Bad blood is way better than this , it was more creative , animated and much better lyrics than this song , this song has same lyrics 😛 hello from the outside , seriously adele? and seriously people ? you calling this is masterpiece? , there are many music videos which deserve more views than this in 2 days , i have completely lost faith in humanity now…

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