Ariana Grande Focus Song YouTube Discussion

that galaxy note 5 was the best thing there.

Idk why she waste her voice in songs like this. She has an amazing voice and she is so pretty, but there´s nothing original in her songs, i always hear the same thing. But its okay, that´s how music works nowadays

Exactly, this sounded just like problem, with the mysterious black guy doing a voice over in the back and the fanfare, it also sounded a lot like break free.

Waste? Omfg are u mental? She’s confident and the song is about not caring what others have to say about her.

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Ariana Grande Focus Song YouTube Discussion

absolutly right. if she could use her voice in a proper way she could be another Mariah, but with things like this…

I don’t think this has anything to do with confidence…it’s just the work of her management and songwriters. She has a KILLER voice, riffs, runs, vibrato, crazy vocal range, soft acoustic and strong belt, beyond anything anyone else could perform in today’s music – yet she continues to work on these typical radio pop tracks that hold her back.

Your just a fan who can’t deny that +A. Abdine was right! Trust me, you’re mental! Not tryin’ to start a fight or anything

I think your right, but when it comes to having an opinion about her. PEOPLE means her FAN are always defend her over anything. So it’s better not to waste your time, it’s better to be a honest then a lie. Because it’s her job to but out got Music, but lately these is not her best in my opinion. And I love  Adriana Grande just not this song


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Ariana Grande Focus Song YouTube Discussion

“She has an amazing voice and she is so pretty”

I don’t get what her appearance has anything to do with your point or anything that should matter in a musical career

I agree to an extent. I believe she has more personal music in her albums, but I think she just puts these songs out first because they sell the best so then people will be pumped for her album. Plus they are catchy and fun dance tunes. Not really meant to be real “original”.

I said she has an amazing voice and i add she is pretty. Are you telling me that in 2015 nobody cares about how someone looks? I don´t but if you look at the comments the only thing you are going to see is “Eww i hate her lips” “Did you saw her butt? Is so small” “Her hair is horrible” and stuff like that, tell me where are the comments about the music? the lyrics? what this song means to you? They aren´t here because this song it’s like everything we hear today. There’s nothing new, that’s what i’m saying. She has a beautiful voice and she just waste it because me and a lot of people know she can make beautiful songs and give chills to everyone by just listening to the beginning but she doesn’t, she keeps making the same radio pop songs.

At least it’s not like Taylor Swift’s. That girl literally has nothing at all and she’s tall as f*ck..

Ariana is proportionate since she’s so petite.

she is very aware that she doesn’t have a big butt.. but she works her little booty off and who are you to even say anything about her butt???
so what if someone has a small butt? wtf is your problem now days all you sluts care about are big butts. And people are all diffrent and I think that all you sluts should stop judging by people’s butt size. And I think people that get butt injections are gross and whores

Honestly, I like Ariana and she has a beautiful voiuce, but this… wtf? I mean the ” focus on me ” part is kinda catchy, but the rest is really bad. She can do so much better than this. Not to mention her make up.. ewww

Her voice, the song and the lipstick is extremely annoying. Like on another level annoying. She looks like a clown with that kind of lipstick.


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Ariana Grande Focus Song YouTube Discussion

Scrolls down and finds Selena’s name being bashed by Ariantors… I mean Ariantors are more obsessed with Selena than her own fans lol xD why try so hard to bring her down? Did she insult Ari? cause last time I’ve checked they’re following each other and both support each other… so don’t try to start something that isn’t there, it wont work and just appreciate both of them cause they’re both great

I love this song! People can say what they want, body shame her and everything…but the girl has talent and her music is fun too. People these days just want music they can cry about. Glad there’s no need to get a box of tissues with this song. 🙂 What is ironic is people are so quick to praise Meghan Trainor and Adele for embracing their weight, but when someone wants to embrace their skinnier body people are quick to shame them. Being skinny is not always by choice people. I’m glad Ariana keeps doing her. And seriously, she can wear a f***ing ponytail if she chooses to!

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