mmr is brain hack trap thing dota do to people. make gamer think they have purpose in dota life. a really2 long term purpose. to be in high mmr could take years, enough for valve trap your soul in dota while lure other new young victims to dota. in the end, nothing achieved. just waste thousand hours in unworthy thing. better play casual game that win and forget. even re7 i could win in 1 week and then uninstall and forget. the toxic environment and the nature/pace of the game could make you sick. bullies, trash talk, flamer, anxiety provoking, high tension, adrenaline rush, heart beating fast. some of them remembered quite a time even after the game because some of them are quite harsh and not true. like for example, ure being told slow finger injoker, when the fact is ur good, some people just want to bullies u blindly and drag u down. there are some people benefit from mmr, like those top 1 mmr that likely invited to pro team. but its like 0.0000001 chance.

I usually just play supp, unless I am the player with the highest mmr on my team, and I agree 100% that a support can have just as much impact in a game as a carry. Just also remember that dota is also about calling shots. Communicate with your team, make plays and help to co-ordinate your team, even if you are a support. When I see they had a slark in safe lane that hasnt been killed yet, and he’s jungling for instance I get the team together for a smoke gank to shut him down (and place some aggresive wards ;P). I warn my team when enemy heroes are missing, and suggest items for my carries. Things like this also have a huge impact in your games. About to hit 5k mmr now, so not really a pro, but I think that’s just because I don’t play enough to be honest. But I bet if I played enough I could reach 6k or maybe even 7k as a supp player.

Too long of a guide, frankly. Just play when you feel good. That’s how I got out of 2K raising 800 MMR just by playing when I feel good. And remember not to spam games thinking you’ll end the losing streak because that’s likely not going to happen. I also like trash talking in pub games. But in moderation and done purely to make people play more aggressively (Not talking about a whole village raping somebody’s mom kind of trash talk). Then you’ll learn how to play under constant pressure and you’ll be more alert about enemy movements for ganks. They’ll give you a rough time if you aggravate them enough and you can learn to play from behind if they do start winning.

I’ve jumped up in MMR recently and I noticed that I’ve been doing alot of these things you are talking about. Nowadays I generally will only play 2 games in a row before doing something else. Playing too many games in a day hurts me, my attention span isn’t high enough to sit there and dota for 5 hours straight. Switching to Witcher 3 or something helps gain mmr.

After three years of Dota, I am still a 2k mmr player; not because I don’t improve but because I haven’t tried playing solo rank in in the whole span of the three years. Reason behind this is after calibrating and getting 2.4k i was like “Am I this bad?” and you have guessed it right, some players like me lack that self-confidence requirement. In the past months I’m already being queued with 4k-5k players in unranked which seem very fishy to me but surprisingly (and I don’t mean to brag) I can shut them down. After seeing this video, I’m reconsidering playing ranked again. The motivation I needed was in here all along. Thank you and for sure I’m recommending friends!

I play only ranked because people just dont try hard in unranked (random meepos, etc.). Ive been stuck at the same MMR for months and finally after I went down around 900 mmr once, I decided I should come up with something that will isolate my mmr from losing streaks (due to my poor play). So it was my goal to just get back to where I belong (gain that 900 mmr back) and that was all i intended to do with this system but I keep growing my mmr on both accounts consistently and far surpassed where Ive been before. It works really well for me and I keep gaining while in the past Ive been stuck in the same spot. Funny thing, I play mostly one account – 90% of the time – the other account is 1 (W) or 3 (L-W-W) games and switch back to the main one.

1) Use mute feature if you’re tilting or getting tilted 2) Ignore feeding team mates and they’ll possibly stop feeding 3) Hit the gym beforehand to be in your best mental state 4) No distractions, don’t alt-tab during deaths or pauses, gag your nag and lockup the kids 5) If you’re not in the right mood, don’t play solo ranked 6) If you’re not focused, step away from computer and look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, focus on breathing 7) Do not play solo ranked before 5pm or after 2am 8) If you lose 2 in a row, take a break and do something else for an hour or more.

So this is a pretty common thing to happen in Dota in pretty much every tier except the highest rated games. One thing I like to do is to try and look at it as a challenge instead of getting salty. Obviously sometimes it really sucks when you are are excited to play a hero but remember there is always next game and the one after that! it can help to have a pool of heroes that you really enjoy playing that includes a couple from each role. That way even if you get sniped you can pick a support that is fun to play and make stuff happen. There’s no worse feeling than being powerless about the outcome of the game so try to pick heroes that can still help take objectives or fight regardless of the farm you can get.

Dude I calibrated in 4.4k and peaked at 4.6k but I constantly loose and drop till 4.3k which is my MMR now . If I follow this rules do you think I can climb back up and maybe increase it ? I think I have red days because I loose motivation in DOTA the reason for it is long breaks because of school. And I really think this tip is good because when you are happy and feeling hype up, you win more games. TY, I will try to follow this “rules” and gain my motiviation again and hopefully climb back up and increase my MMR .


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