An activist wearing a gas mask is seen in the Zamalka area, where activists say chemical weapons were used by forces loyal to President Bashar Al-Assad in the eastern suburbs of Damascus August 22, 2013. REUTERS/Bassam Khabieh (SYRIA - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST CONFLICT)

WHAT DO PEOPLE SAY ABOUT CHEMICAL ATTACK BY SYRIAN GOVERNMENT AND US AIRSTRIKE. “chemical” attack happens… immediately the Syrian government blamed… there is no evidence at all… and why would the Syrian government risk such an attack when it was doing well on the battlefield… the only one who benefits from this attack is Alqaeda and I$I$… this is a simple timeline of what happened in one week.
1. USA declares that Removing Alasad is not a priority anymore
2. Chemical attack in Idlib to blame the Syrian government
3. Trump orders air strike on Syrian airbase in Homs
4. USA declares that it is creating a coalition to remove Alasad.

so can anyone tell me the logic of why would Alasad use chemical weapons? so he can get the world to fight him more?

People seem to forget the “chemical” attack that played out no different, just when Assad was gaining some ground…. boom a “chemical attack” that gathers the worlds attention and evokes nations that Assad himself knows would be the end of him. Curious to know how people think such awful dumb decisions was made by such a smart man (twice), they must think he wants to lose everything and die even after all these years of attempting to hold it all together. (seems legit) pff

Logically Assad, who has an organized military would possess chemical weapons. Syria had one of the largest chemical weapon stockpiles on the planet during the past. Obama was weak and didn’t do enough to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons.

The CIA had the largest stock piles of Sarin gas which they smuggled into syria from Libya. It was the leftovers from the libyan war. Hillary Clinton personally gave approval to use the sarin gas in libya and syria. They gave sarin gas to the freedom fighters to use on syrian people, just like they did in Libya, when they blamed it on Gaddafi. So we can blame america for this evil and cowardly attack. Only americans don’t value the lives of others. They love themselves and hate others. So they will murder you any way they like.

Probably not but how well is his troops controlled via Assad? I would assume not very well. There is also the question whether or not Assad’s plane dropped a bomb and it hit some “rebel” held sarin gas.
My question is, how does a child get affected while his mother (that was holding him) not….. There is lots of video of some being affected and not those around them, how does that work exactly? (real question)

I support the strike and I don’t care what anyone says because Trump is laying the hammer down and telling the world that the US is back and not weak. If he has to destroy the airbase to prevent more shipping of chemicals then so be it.

Dave Rod, there are countless examples of the news media showing us images that are of something other than what they say that they are. I guess you haven’t been paying attention? Or you are just a teenager who is just now getting interested in politics and news?

And what do you mean it does matter if the videos weren’t of Syria? We should bomb syria’s military bases because some people died of something another country? You’re sound all most too stupid to even bother talking to. Good day.

trump attacked syria to cover for the fact that he doesn’t know how to make America stronger again like he promised. this attack on syria is a smoke screen. all it was was a slap on the wrist to assad. if trump really meant business then he would have taken out all of assad’s airfields instead of just one. assad will have that airfield back up a running within a week or two and he will launch another nerve gas attack against his own people and trump will have egg on his face.

by the way, 23 out of 59 missiles reached the air base tasked with supporting counter-terrorism operations in Homs and the surround area.. the army has been tasked with locating the remaining missiles and rescue any potential victims where these weapons might have struck. so far the body count is 10 civilians including (4 beautiful babies) as Trump would put it.

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