If you think any country is stupid enough to attack the United States of fking America your out of your damn mind we are 50x stronger than any other nation except Russia and we are about 3x stronger than Russian at a minimum we spend what the whole world spends on military and we have the most military might and the most skilled conditioned warriors the planet has ever seen. A war with USA is like a child going up against Michael phelps in a swimming competition and for god sake our tanks have never been knocked out of battle. And we have more than the entire world combined in attack helicopters, warships, and tanks yes WW3 will eventually happen soon but the United States of f**cking America will come out on top. God bless and be safe

hat’s his exact point. One nuke there one nuke there= every nuke everywhere. Nukes have a huge percentage of not being used, at least not on a huge player like the us or Russia or China. Of course we can’t do whatever we want, but the fact is if ww3 started nukes aside the us home front won’t be beat because we indeed have a superior military. Now if your talking about invasion then yeah we’d probably lose without strategy. Just look at Vietnam.

you don’t understand our government has weapons we’ve never seen like sound ca   unnons that send supersonic waves that peel armor off of tanks which no one else has developed we just have never used it in combat plus having conventional war which means face to face gun to gun warship to warship SOLDIER TO SOLDIER would be the biggest mistake any nation can make in a open land no other country can come close to the amount of damage we can cause. Believe me the whole world knows this that’s why we do what we want with no retaliation

We did before and will again. WW2, we fought Nazi Germany and Japan. The question is can we do it again? Probably, but at significant cost. The better question is, would the UK, NATO, Australia, and New Zealand join in the fight? Maybe. Be you can take it to the bank that Taiwan would join in a fight against China, along with Japan and South Korea. So, yeah, it’s not that bad, besides, the world would unite diplomatically against Russia with economic sanctions and China as well if they decided to ally with Syria. Russia is already hurting from previous sanctions, and China doesn’t want to lose the boom they have had economically so they would stay out of it. Chemical weapons are illegal to use, and so the fact that a dictator used them against innocent civilians, his own innocent civilians, is nothing more than a blatant violation of numerous international law, which Syria has signed and ratified.

Beware Reality Ahead most of our shit is inoperatable from missing and old parts that do not work. USA would be reliant on allies to win a war. The US military and majority of people would not have the mentality or endurance to win a bloody war against Russia. Russia is better prepared for nuclear war than we are. America overthrowing sovreign nations is good reason for other nations to work together to overthrow us before we overthrow them. Stop this globalist agenda. Trump had the whole MSM against him and the globalist. now they all approve including cnn. something is wrong there bro. Trump was duped or he has changed sides and betrayed the american people

ou believe in God right? (I assume you do judging by your use of “God bless”) Then why talk with such pride? Does God love war? It seems like you typed this comment without thinking. Possibly fueled by pride, arrogance and a bit of adrenaline. You said what you thought, now what? Did it make you a better person? It’s ironic how most of your comment is war and cursing and the end is “God bless and be safe”.

You do realized that this told to you by the government so you are condition to believe this? Do realize in fact, the Russians won World War Two not the Americans. The Russians are not broken people and are more that capable of defending themselves. The best thing we as people can hope for is peace unless war is the absolutely only option. Don’t believe for a second because our government invest trillions in weaponry they have a upper hand as we saw what happen in Vietnam. Peace is what humanity needs.

Just your friendly reminder that Obama dropped OVER 12,000 bombs in Syria last year alone, and over 26,000 in the whole Middle East together that same year. The difference is that Obama evidently did it to “look” strong (killing hundreds, if not many thousands of civilians including women and children), and Trump actually hit the terrorists where it hurts, on their airbase.

Trump…christ. Do you realize that the whole world is watching? Do you realize that there are multiple interests involved in the Syrian war? Do you realize that this decision could have damming consequences? what in the actual f**k happened to diplomacy? I get that Asad is a fu**ing bastard, but this kind of brazen action is going to put other countries on edge, and that isn’t nessasarily a good thing. I really hope that we don’t get involved in another conflict just because we think we can. We have systemic dysfunction that exists here on our own soil that is much more important than what’s going on elsewhere in the world. Trump, help us like you said you would, because if you don’t, the people will rise against you.

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