Funny yet informative review. It’s a hassle not having a headphone jack. Headphones cannot be used at the same time while charging the phone. Unless you use Bluetooth headphones, which I don’t like. Why? Because Bluetooth drains the battery of the phone and I don’t want to charge headphone batteries either. That’s one less problem to think about so that no one will be saying “I wanna listen to music but my headphone battery is dead.” Better thing to have done is to improve the headphone jack with a higher sound resolution like htc has done. Trying to be innovative or creative is good, but not always successful if not done right.

Second off, I really appreciate how the botton clicks on all my iPhones. I don’t want a fake click feel that might take me to the home screen if I accidentally touched the home button. Vibration is an annoying feeling on the hands. This is not a case where less is more. More losses than gains here.

What are they gonna do to the iPhone 8? Remove even the charging port and use wireless charging and remove any sound bar so that Bluetooth headphones are required to answer calls and hearing music? All so that they can make it completely waterproof? Remove all buttons too and make it pure touchscreen? No openings for water resistance?

I’m an iPhone guy, and I switched to iPhone with the 6s Plus but I have to say, why would they get rid of the physical home button for a 3D touch one if they won’t make it flush? Isn’t that one of the main reason having a 3D touch home button would be good for?

Also, I’m not a fan of removing the headphone jack simply because it is yet another thing incompatible with my iPhone and have to dish out more money to carry out a basic function.

But naturally, iOS completely destroys android in ease of use and the user experience so I’ll be sticking with iPhone. Please be more creative and useful with hardware though!

I have no worries for scratches because I’m always using UAG casing and as for the earphones, I’m always using bluetooth earphones. I don’t like using wired normal earphones or the apple earphones. I’m much prefered using wireless bluetooth. iPhone the best! I have jet black 7 plus and rose gold 7. Nice review. Thumbs up!

Apple pro and this wasn’t a review no stats no comparisons the only comparison we saw was the one with the iPhone 6 cause the camera of the 6s and 7 is almost the same go watch the verge’s review who is also Apple Pro but is disappointed

Dear Apple and Samsung all we fucking want is that we can use Facebook app and YouTube app at the same time!! without shuting down music on YouTube when we want to use Facebook or any other app! Not a bigger phone…And yeah more battery and than il pay 700$ for a phone…

I can’t charge-n-listen music in same time. The real problem – I can’t connect L-earphones to anything except iPhone. Which means I have to use ANOTHER earphones when my iPhone is connected to PC for charging. Currently I can simply listen my music through iTunes on my PC just by plugging earphones to PC.

Using USB-C instead of L-jack looks like a much better idea.

Apple is getting not “brave” but brainless.

the iPhone 5 and 6 was kinda cool, unique operating system, nice design, all that jazz. but really? no headphone jack for the 7? this is unacceptable. anyone who buys this phone is either a faker or is truly blind, no headphone jack?… this is some crap. I hope Samsung doesn’t copy this one

Where is the new standard if the headphone jack is outdated? There isn’t one and don’t f***ing tell me that Bluetooth headsets are the wave of the future when they are still dog shit compared to a great pair of wired headphones. And also I don’t want to hear regurgitated Apple keynote nonsense that many of you love to repeat.

Totally agreed!! One iphone literally equals to bunch of any android phones!!! Coz its been almost two years since i bought my iphone 6 and my dad had to change almost 6 android phones due to techincal faults and i ve been still using my iphone,still looking n functioning as brand new as it was without any trouble . oh yea im verrry destructive and i easily tend to drop my phone !!!

they’re not removing the headphone jack because they “see where the future is going” they’re doing it to add just one more proprietary piece of hardware that you’ll eventually have you go through them to buy. They’re only giving people an adapter with this one to soften the blow but I’d be very surprised if the next generation has one. Just another anti-consumer move by Apple.

Yeah, no. It’s a waste. Apple wants to push us toward no headphone jack but why the hell do we have to be pushed toward that? Cos apple is greedy with their money. I’m gonna only upgrade to the iphone 6s. That’s the only one that actually has benefits for me. Iphone 7 got rid of headphone jack, psychical buttons, and more. And I don’t need it to be water resistant. That’s never been my problem. It’s the fact it’s always come into contact with concrete. Why not make the iphone less prone to cracks? Like if you dropped it on concrete from waste down? You’d get a crack. Apple is focusing on things that aren’t even relevant to us. I’m keeping my 6 and going for the 6s. Hopefully apple doesn’t keep without headphone jack. Cos it’s pathetic and completely idiotic

The perfect phone is like a perfect circle. The first tries at drawing, makes mediocre circles, but you should expect the biggest improvements in the beginning. After that, the circle will be close to perfect and only incremental improvements will be possible. Expecting enormous changes now, when the designs have come this far, is not really that reasonable. Getting a new phone every year may be boring, but if you change it every three or more years, you’ll get a nice upgrade.


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