Was approached by a few companies that said they could add view counts on my You tube video for a certain amount of money. 100’s 1000’s even 1,000,000’s. Just depends on how much you can afford. Hackers can do astounding things on the internet. You’ll never see this happen to a struggling unknown artist. Money can buy many things. This is a promotion trick used by many well paid celebrities and their promotion companies. In the 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s record companies would buy hundreds of thousands of records, cassettes, and so forth and give them away to promote themselves in the charts. Same story different techniques. Just saying!

For anyone who says she can’t sing and/or is autotuned: do yourself a favor and look up “Taylor Swift National Anthem at 12 years old” or look up her singing live, just her and her guitar…. in my opinion, that’s when she’s at her best.

For anyone who says she can’t write: I have to admit, sometimes Taylor releases singles that are “catchy” but don’t do her justice in her writing. I’d like to see you write a line like “the way you move is like a full on rain storm, and I’m a house of cards” that’s a beautiful way to say “you blow me away.” OR “You call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest” or something like this “Don’t you dare look out your window, darling, Everything’s on fire. The war outside our door keeps raging on. Hold on to this lullaby, even when music’s gone.”

And for anyone who says she’s immature because she writes about love and breakups: I’m sorry….where have you been? Turn on the radio…listen to some classics, 90% of music is about love and breakups… why is Taylor Swift so “different” No one complains when Avril Laveign writes that kind of song, or Adele, or Maroon Five.

Gotta be honest 2014- 2015 was a great years for Taylor. Appreciate that she didn’t change her way too much like Beyonce and Rihanna. They changed from pop queens to trying to make songs like nicki minaj. Taylor proud of you and congrats on 2 billion.

Bring back Shane’s video, its not fair Taylor,.. Shane put tons of time, money, and love into his parody just like you did for the original! There is a specific law for copyright and I don’t think it says anywhere that you can’t do a parody! What about The Key Of Awesome? Bart Baker? Shane’s other parody’s of you!?!?! Grow up if you don’t like it! Get. Over. Yourself! You get made fun of for having too many boyfriends and break up songs, one parody makes a company upset. Learn to live without getting hurt my hate… We all get it!

Ok so normally I am not a fan of Taylor Swift cause her music isn’t normally good (Shake IT off, as an example,, if you don’t believe me) but honestly if she continues to release songs like this one I will be obligated to like her
I mean the lyrics are still the same Taylor Swift stuff but there are a lot of ones here that I think beat out even her early stuff (I liked her early stuff) But I mean
I am a large fan of Lorde and apparently Lorde and Taylor Swift are like best buds and that’s having a good influence on Taylor
Just listen to that beat
Its very Lorde-esque
I mean this song is very good
Yes it has some major flaws (like still comparing her relationships to fairy tales and bashing people who like Starbucks which is about 70% of her fan base)
but overall if I had to choose between this and You Belong With Me(My second favorite song from the ‘still got some country left in me’ era of Taylor Swift Mean is obviously the best)
I would listen to this because its an overall good song and a great song for it to come from Taylor Swift
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“Change is the law of life and those who only look to the past or present are certain to miss the future”-JFK

I noticed, a while back, a campaign of hatred against Taylor Swift. All of a sudden, on every late night talk show, middle aged male comedians were speculating about how many boyfriends Swift has had. They tried to make her out to be promiscuous–which of course, is the oldest method of dehumanizing women. Every mention of Swift elicited a sneer. They clearly did not like a young girl being so successful in the music industry, and made no secret of it. It is a recurrent theme in pop culture–if a recording artist is female, or has a lot of female fans (think of Justin Bieber) – you can be sure that no matter what the audience thinks (being mere females) – the critics will savage an artist who sings to, or writes about women. Of course, no matter how overrated, if the artist is a male and he’s singing something like, “I’ve got you under my thumb,” then the critics all but wet their pants with praise.

Couldn’t be prouder of Taylor. She stands up for what she believes. She’s the only artist who is true to herself, she knew she couldn’t put a country album so she made it pop but hasn’t left country because that’s her love. She debunks all her stereotypes by making fun of them in music videos and songs. She is seriously the best and if you think otherwise you can leave her page and and her alone because we don’t need negativity on the only women who has 3 albums that have sold over 1 million copies in the first week in the U.S alone also the youngest recipient of the album of the year grammy so yeah anything “bad” you can say about her is incorrect as you’re most likely ignorant on that area and us Swifties are experts on the Queen.

ok taylor may not have a timeless voice like whitney houston, but here’s why i love taylor: she doesnt need to be naked, wear wacky outfits, have a diva attitude, do drugs, chain smoke cigs, or go clubbing every night to be famous and sell the most albums in a week this year. I think she has literally stunned the rest of the pop world that she can outsell them all, including even queen beyonce (my other fav), without having to do any of the above. she interacts w/her fans to the point she knows some by name, dresses like a stylish sophisticated young woman, and helps develop her own songs from the writing to the melody. the worse thing ppl can say about her is she’s a serial dater (which she makes fun of herself so she has the last laugh). I just love that she is making a total mockery of the other pop singers that try to go to such extremes for success when she manages to top them all by being a super cheesy, geeky girl who loves tumblr, cats, and is a talented artist. taylor GENUINELY invites her fans into her homes for cookies to hear her album first bc she’s just that kinda person.

I’d appreciate it if you had a look at the Behind the Scenes AMEX Unsta   ged videos for Blank Space, particularly the ‘behind the song’ video. Taylor clearly states that she wrote this song as if she was the girl that the media depicted her as: crazy, manipulative, psychotic, serial dater etc. This whole song is essentially mocking the media, or making fun of her supposed personality. The bridge- it is sexist, but it is not actually Taylor’s view. I don’t think anything sexist, racist or homophobic should be in a song even if it is as a joke, however I think you all need to realise that she’s not being serious and this is, as I said, a song written from the point of view or a crazy, manipulative and psychotic serial-dating girl. Not Taylor.

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