Yes. This is what Innovation looks like. Not “slightly modified from last year”, not taking away headphone jacks, not merely making the phone a few centimeters larger, not minutely tweaking the Operating System to change how many apps you can fit into a folder, and not iPhone 2013S but with a cool new trailer. This is Innovation, switching up the fundamental way that you use your phone by dramatically altering screen size, honing the cameras to perfection, changing the home button to be as convenient as possible, several new ways to unlock and navigate your phone, a voice command system that actually adapts to best benefit the user, new tech to accompany your phone like VR, DeX, 360 cameras, fingerprint scanners, and enough to actually take your breath away and make you say “this actually looks like the future.” I feel like I’m in 2040 where anything is possible now, and that’s just something that Apple hasn’t been able to do in forever. They deserve their comeuppance for stalling the industry and making everyone believe that there’s nothing they can change about their phones, but in reality Samsung and everyone at the Open Handset Alliance have been pushing the boundaries and innovating constantly while Apple’s just been sitting greedily and lazily with their iPhone 5 – err – 8. It’s time the people are shown the next step in smartphone technology.

I never tried an Android before… always been using iPhones since iPhone 3GS and the truth is that I have been happy with my iPhones, they are great phones, but every year (specially since iPhone 5) I’m looking how all the companies keep improving greatly (water resistance, fast charge, long duration batery, powerful cameras, facial recognition, curve screen, iris scanner, wireless charging, now the DeX and who knows…) and Apple did not improve like we were especting from them, releasing old technology like water resistance 2 years later and even until now u need 2hrs to charge an iPhone! (Probably the iPhone 7S/8 will fix that but years later after the competition!!!). I think that I’ll be switching to Android with this Samsung (love the desing). I love iOS, it is super confortable, but I will not go back to iPhone until apple gets serious and start to size in front of the rest of companies. Like I said, they’re not bad Phones, I’ve been happy with my iPhones… but I can’t keep buying a device that lags behind all the competition…

I got to have a little hands on time at Best Buy with these and it is so frustrating….
c’mon samsung!!!  The sound is so bad, and next to this incredible and beautiful screen, it just feels like a shame.  Everything else on this phone is amazing.  I don’t even mind the awkward finger print sensor, it isn’t that bad.  But one crappy speaker???  The only phones that are both water resistant and have dual speakers are Sony and Apple.   Please put stereo speakers on the Note 8!!!   If HTC has water resistance on the 11 I might have to drop the S8.  REALLY LAME that you can’t have better audio.  KEEP YOUR $99 head phones, and put in a speaker in the ear piece!

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a lot better than both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphones because it has a 5.5 inch 4K HDR display which gives you an excellent viewing experience and it is running Android 7.1 (nougat) but the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ both don’t have a 4K HDR display or are running 7.1 (nougat).

All I love about this phone except one thing….
Why’o’WHY when there’re such privacy-problems in the world, where CIA puts vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, you had to include such Face Recognition and Iris Scanner…
Currently I have s6 edge, and even though I use it with the fingerprint, I DO NOT like this bio-metric technologies.. Why should I give my personal, unique bio-metric data to some cloud-based-companies that get constantly hacked, or others that will share it will advertisement companies that do who knows what with it…
I guess soon the phone will be able to take samples of your blood… Such invasion on privacy is really annoying. Specially at this moment, where more and more we know that everything is recorded, monitored, and privacy is 0..
Otherwise the phone looks amazing! But I guess the only samsung that I will ever consider buying is S7 (unless you make some privacy-concerned phones without bio-metric data-collection…)

Now apple would copy every feature of android phones like wireless charging,Oled screen,curved display.dual cameras(it has done already),virtual reality,facial recognition,iris scanner,etc. in their iphone edition/8/X and people would buy it like fools. Apple focuses on how to take money of the pockets of people. There is almost no innovation left in Apple. What they really have a good thing is ios, which was given to them by great Steve Jobs.

Nothing new here pretty much a Lumina phone now, onscreen button and pixel rear fingerprint scanner (in the dumbest spot to reach)., retina recognition, and even the way cortana interacts to a point. software looks good but the edge screen is stupid,
I have the s7 edge and its terrible,i want a flat screen for videos, the edge frustrates me having a video curve away on the screen and distort around the screen. And with a  limited holding area, its hard not to accidentally touch things on the edge of the screen like on FB or YT and compared to my ip6 the Samsung is buggy AF, if you get a cover for it then good luck using the edge lol, not to mention the covers never fit properly.
Back to iPhone now that I’ve tried pretty much allot of the leading phones.

Why all the apple hate? Hated my 5s because of charging problems, but other things worked perhabs better than with samsung. Currently with s7, and have been very pleased with it. Not the biggest fan of the overly processed front facing camera thought in indoor lightning (weird over smooth skin tone). The point is, that competition makes these phones even better every year and fan boyism is really stupid. S8 looks superb, would love to see 4K and under-the-screen-fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint reader on the back seems a bit clumsy, and camera lens full of dirt. Maybe future iphone/android devices will “copy” some of the successful features and improve others.   

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